Praying for Lara Logan’s recovery

I didn’t know Lara Logan personally. I have followed her career as she has bravely covered the events in Iraq and Afghanistan. She was on the Daily Show 2 years ago where she was fearless in her discussion of Afghanistan. Remember 100 years ago when Donald Rummy and the gang were saying that the media was only reporting the bad stuff that happened in Iraq? Lara slapped that charge right back in Rumsfeld’s face.

I remain deeply saddened by her attack in Cairo on Friday. In the chaos, she got separated from her team. Well, you can read it:

Logan, a 39-year-old South Africa native and longtime war correspondent, has since flown back to the United States and is recovering in hospital. She was one of dozens of journalists attacked during the three weeks of protests throughout Egypt.

CBS News said in a statement Logan was covering the celebrations for CBS’s “60 Minutes” program on February 11 when she and her team were surrounded by “a mob of more than 200 people whipped into a frenzy.”

“In the crush of the mob, she was separated from her crew. She was surrounded and suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers,” CBS said.

Logan made her name as a war correspondent for Britain’s GMTV during the start of the U.S.-led Afghanistan war in 2001 and subsequently reported on the war in Iraq and its violent aftermath. She joined CBS News in 2002. (more…)

Because of her reporting from the Wars I thought that she was being groomed for the Nightly News. I hope that she will get the help that she will need.

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  1. That is the most racist statement that has been said on my blog in over 4 years. It is racist and inflammatory. You are the same kind of person who 40 years ago said that all Blacks were rapists.

    Thanks for stopping by. Next time just keep stepping.

  2. The Muslim religion is the cause of the behaviour.. Many responses are christianity was the same … good point “It was ” over a century ago.. No religion is good … I will never help a muslim or a muslim’s cause ever again after this event. I will never visit egypt after this event.

  3. Do you go to New York, LA, Atlanta? All of these American cities have the problem of rape. This isn’t a Muslim thing. It is a male thing. It is a male thing when there are no laws and they can get away with it. Stop the stereotyping.

  4. Or public school teachers or protestant priests or child care workers or drunken trailer trash etc. I’m not a catholic but its sad to see people so commonly use child abuse as a weapon against a people for political gain.
    No rate is ever acceptable, but they’ve carried an unfair burden (although the church’s soft approach of “compassion” instead of justice was the wrong response).

  5. Nothing fails like prayer…as usual, the imaginary product of superstition known as “God” was nowhere to be found or chose not to intervene in order to protect Ms. Logan from this act of savage violence. Where was this “God” who is all-knowing, all-powerful and omni-present? It was only through an act of sheer bravery by a group of women (some of whom have likely suffered sexual assault) that Lara Logan’s life was saved. “God” (who receives all the credit for good and takes none of the blame for evil) did not hear Ms Logan’s screams. Ms Logan’s courageous rescuer’s knew there would be no “God” to help her. Organized religions are all (Yes,all) patriarchal and relegate women to lower class status; I wish more women would reject this superstition and cast off the chains that enslave their minds and bodies.

  6. So you snagged your sweater on the pew in church one day and can’t seem to let it go. Thanks for the update.

    There is no equality in nature, no justice that is immediately observable, no moral guidance or adherence, and yet you make claims to such things.

    That you claim that God receives no blame is showing your ignorance of the history of theology. Try telling that to faithful men and women who survived the gulags or Andersonville or the firebombings of Tokyo. Try telling it to Job or Abraham or Jesus on the cross when he looks to the sky asking “why”.

    Prayer is not a substitute for action, sometimes it is the only action available, but in the case of this woman who for whatever reason was in this dangerous situation, the middle of a mob, there were those who realized first and foremost that their individual safety and even lives didn’t matter as much as protecting the innocent life of another, their friend or sister or fellow human being, no matter how you want to spin it.

    Yes they are courageous, noble, worthy of all praise for their actions, because they exemplified what man ought to do, but not always what man is doing. In an orderless universe, I see no ought to, I see no reason to help Lara from a moral standpoint other than I may make her a wife and assert my power further in this life.

    But I believe the universe is ordered, there’s this thing called Science that can only have any explanatory power if that premise is true. I believe there is an ought to, but that also means we do not always get what we want, we are not all special little snowflakes that all get the same thing. Women and Men are different, that’s a fact, and that doesn’t make them different classes. That makes them different things with different natures and different purposes. Most of all they are human, and if we are supposed to condemn their slavery and their violation and their oppression and what have you, you’re going to have to look a whole lot farther than just their physical existence because there its just Will to Power all the way, and if you aren’t asserting it then you’re either a fool or a weakling or both.

    You can’t cast aside a tradition by appealing rules that only have relevance within that tradition.

    Also, perhaps the courage of her rescuers was the divine intervention, the divine spark of wisdom in these people to make just what was unjust. Is it a dodge? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But I don’t see why so much New Atheism continues to demand that things be done for us rather than we do things for ourselves. You can’t have radical autonomy and then demand to be saved from the radical autonomy of others. Its like an anarchist complaining about losing his job because he voiced a political opinion. We shouldn’t be dependent on waiting for the gods or the State to save us. We have to do things for ourselves, things that work in a system that is ordered. Otherwise there is no point, morally or practically.

    And if you don’t think there is a higher order to call to, why the hell do you care what happens to some chick in the middle of a mob?

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