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Stressing the Positive

This was written a couple of months ago. 

President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan has been inadequately covered by the press. The mainstream media is trying to tell us that there is a constant fight or friction between the White House, House Democrats, and Senate Democrats. Of all of the players in this drama, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, my home state, has been getting the most press. I’m sorry: I don’t believe that any of these bills should be covered like a horse race or a heavyweight boxing match. Instead, there needs to be more discussion about what is exactly in the bill.
So, let’s look at exactly whom this bill is designed to help—because really, it’s all of us!

Kids and families
First of all, Build Back Better is about investing in the American people. A large portion of this bill has to do with investing in children and childcare. There are billions of dollars in this bill to make childcare affordable. The bill offers universal and free preschool to three and four-year-old children. There is also a large child tax credit—in the form of a monthly check—that can help as many as 39 million households move out of poverty.

The elderly
On the other end of the spectrum, a portion of this bill was designed to keep the elderly in their homes by helping them afford home care instead of having to go into nursing homes (and often, sell off most of their assets, leaving less equity for their children and grandchildren). The bill also expands the Affordable Care Act, giving families on the lower end of the income spectrum better opportunities for decent, affordable healthcare; and it extends the earned income tax credit, offering millions of low-earning families a better way of life.

The middle class
Build Back Better invests in the middle class in other ways, such as making high-quality education affordable to the middle class—a.k.a. average Americans—and helping them afford better housing.

Facing climate change
Another section of this bill is designed to fight climate change. It includes consumer rebates and tax credits for middle-class families to be able to afford switching to clean energy. A portion of this bill encourages clean energy companies to build their products here in the United States. It also encourages them to use American steel in their products.

And not only that, the bill also gives us a much-needed investment into immigration reform. Wow, that’s a lot of good stuff!!

Build Back Better all sounds nice. These policies will help Americans in the short term and the long term. By investing in our people, and helping people get back to work, and have more money to spend, they will help the economy grow. It will create millions of jobs.

Corporate welfare reform
The bill stops large corporations from paying zero federal taxes. It will penalize them for shipping jobs overseas—and for shipping profits overseas in order to avoid paying American taxes. It will ask the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share.
Oh, and Build Back Better is also paid for. Ignore the baloney about “inflation” and “deficit spending.” This bill is paid for by tax reform and the increased tax revenues from all those new jobs and a growing economy—and by adding enforcers to find high-income tax cheats, an effort that is expected to bring in another $500 billion in taxes avoided by the likes of the Trumps and their friends.


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The Big Lie

I wrote this a couple of months ago.

Trump’s last stunt, and it was a media stunt, was the Big Lie. The election was stolen, he shouted. Trump must have literally repeated this claim over million times. At one point over 69% of Republicans thought that the election was stolen. Why did they think that the election was stolen? Because Trump, Fox News and other right wing media talking heads parroted the same phase over and over and over again.

The Arizona GOP believed the lies that Trump was shoving. They didn’t believe their own election officials who had meticulously reviewed claims of fraud and found no significant irregularities. There had to be fraud because Fox News and Donald Trump said there was. The Arizona GOP, in spite of the objections of the Arizona Democrats, decided that they would recount the votes, again, themselves. They did not want to hire a real “election” company that had experience dealing with election ballots because any independent company was probably biased against Trump. Instead, they hired a GOP company (Cyber Ninjas. Yes, that’s the real name of the company!) that was friendly to Trump but had no experience in counting ballots. They were going to recount the ballots of the Democratic strong hold – Maricopa County.

Out of thin air
Sometimes lairs base a lie of some sliver of truth. This was too much trouble for Trump and his gang. They simply made stuff up like your 6-year-old who was caught with their hand in the cookie jar, the exact same cookie jar that you told them not to touch. Lying is the recurring theme of the Big Lie. Of course, a single lie is not enough. You need a pile of lies. So, they shoveled more garbage at us. Lie after lie.

168,000 ballots were printed on the incorrect paper and therefore needed to be thrown out according to Trump. This was a total lie. This number was pulled out of thin air. Sharpie markers which were used in the election were thought to “bleed-though” and ruin other ballots. Never mind that Maricopa studied this exact scenario years earlier and found no contamination of adjacent ballots. Then there was the claim that 74,000 votes just magically appeared. This was more nonsense. These were early mail in ballots. There was no funny business. One of the most consistent claims were that the voting machines were hacked. There was NO evidence that the machines were hacked. None. The voting machines are NOT hook up to the internet so they couldn’t be hacked from the outside.

Reviewing these ballots, again, was the biggest snipe hunt ever. (When you go camping, you send the newest, most gullible campers to find the mysterious snipe. The animal doesn’t exist which the point of the joke.) So, the final report from the Cyber Ninjas has been received. The company that was not qualified to review the ballots found nothing. They did not find widespread fraud. There was not a problem with the Sharpie markers. There weren’t ballots printed on incorrect paper. As a matter of fact, they found about 400 votes for Biden that he didn’t previously have.

When are the lies going to stop? Never. This is Trump. It is exactly what makes Trump, Trump. Never apologize is his code of ethics if you want to call it that. Never admit that you were wrong. These are signs of weakness in Trump’s eyes. There is no lie too big or too awful to tell. Trump never changes his point of view in the face of facts. He is already doubling down on his election lies. What did Biden steal? Biden did “steal” disillusioned Trump voters in large numbers. These were voters who were tired of the blizzard of lies. (more…)

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Say thank you to a Veteran

Watch the video:

On this blog, I have argued with presidents (Republican and Democratic), the Senate, the House, pundits and many others. This is political discourse. It isn’t perfect but it is much better than the nothing that many countries have. I thank Veterans for Freedom that I have to blog, speak, write and work.

Thanks to all of the American Veterans.

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