Hillary Clinton Getty photoOkay, stop laughing.  Bob Schrum has been the man behind the campaign for almost 2 decades.  He is famous among Democratic Washington circles.  Unfortunately, his track record is 0-9.  Maybe I’m wrong.  I’ll check but his track record isn’t good.  In spite of this he serves up some advice to Hillary Clinton.

My advice is simple.  Drop the rollback the clock to the Clinton Era rhetoric.  Be real as in Hillary be yourself.  Move away from Iraq.  Move toward the left.  Leave the corporations.  Promise to get troops out of Iraq by the end of your first year.  That will go a long way to win over progressives.  Come up with a comprehensive plan to stimulate the alternative energy industry.  Talk about a million (affordable) electric cars by 2012 just 4 short years from now.  Come up with a plan to punish companies that ship jobs over seas.  Tax raw materials that are shipped out of this country and tax the final product coming back in.  Propose tax cuts for businesses that renew clean manufacturing in this country (we don’t make shoes in this country.  we should have at least one company that makes shoes).  We need to make things again.  If Hillary can embrace this agenda then she will be a candidate for change and I believe that her fortunes will turn around.


From NY Daily News:

She will have to get off the mat and recast her case. Contrary to the caricatures, Hillary Clinton is a real person, often funny in private, with engaging qualities that have been well-hidden in this campaign. But the hour is late and even if the real Hillary emerges, voters might see it as just another contrivance.

She can launch an all-out attack on Barack Obama – based on Saturday night’s debate, that looks like where her campaign is headed – but what’s there to attack that would convert rather than repel primary voters?  (more…)