Good labor numbers but some left behind

Economic numbers were published by the BLS last week.  As a whole the numbers are good.  Unemployment rates for Blacks are down to 8%.   Yes, down to 8%.  This is twice the unemployment rate of Whites.  EPI has the info.

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  1. It is a shame we can’t get more blacks to come north. The jobs are here in Utah. When we brought some of the Katrina refugees here they were pleasantly surprised at the job market and people.Some stayed and have not regretted it. It is a HUGE cultural difference. But we can’t find enough workers. But I agree trying to develop job group in areas where the stigma is the same as always. We have a stigma here but it is for Islanders. But there are still not enough people to fill the jobs. It is having the courage and ability to move to another location to better your family and your education. Which a lot of people can’t always do. I was fortunate to be able to save enough for a one shot move to provide a better education for my son. It is finding that help to be able to do just that. Governor of California wants to put everyone on health insurance. Why not help people get off the unemployment roster by helping them to move to a place where they can work and provide for their families? I don’t mean across the country like I went but if that is where they want to go it would help out all.

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