Where’s the whitewash? George Tenet, in my opinion, is trying to made himself look better and who wouldn’t? He was there for so many missteps. He allowed torture. I don’t care how many times that he says the CI A didn’t torture. They tortured. He allowed secret prisons. Why? Fear? Okay, but fear isn’t a good reason for us to lose who we are. George Tenet allowed Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and Bush to say things that he knew were wrong. He says that he wanted to work from within. Okay, that’s fair because folks that were outside of the Bush inner circle had NO influence on policy (think of Congress). Is there any evidence that Tenet tried to stop the mis-information? Yep, there is a little but not near enough. There is clear documentation that the yellow cake tale was taken out of the Cincinnati speech because of Tenet’s personal intervention. Why was it stuck back in the State of the Union speech? That’s harder to figure out.

Here’s the problem – outside of WMD, the CIA disagreed with everything else the Bush administration said. Everything. If Tenet raised his hand every time the Bush administration said something that the CIA didn’t agree with, they would have thought that he needed to go to the bathroom. He also would have been let go. He would have been labeled as NOT a team player. So, George could shut up or quit. He decided to shut up. That is a personal choice. He has to live with that.