Ron Christie worked in the White House. He has always seemed to be a tool of the right. Maybe I’m not giving him a chance. Anyway, Chris Matthews, a former tool of the right, discusses a few political topics. First they tackle the Democratic debate that is really not a debate. The host for the debate was Fox News. Yep, you have read this correctly. Democrats were going to debate in front of Fox New anchors. Oh, that would be fair and balanced. It would have been an opportunity for Fox to sink all of the democratic candidates with one torpedo. Thankfully, John Edwards was the first to see the debate for what it was. He declined to participate. Then Air America Radio suggested that they participate to give the debate some balance. Fox said only one anchor from AAR could participate. The Blog guys have been all over this. Crooks and Liars were out front on this early. Ron Christie doesn’t get it or he just doesn’t want to admit that he gets it.  This wasn’t about netroots power it was about Democratic candidates putting their best foot forward.

The discussion then turns to Newt. I’m sorry I don’t care. I really don’t. I would be happy if Newt Gingrich gets into the Presidential race. He will be easy to expose for the rat that he is.  America will not like the real Newt.  The one that has left 2 wives.  The one that resigned over ethics violations.  That Newt isn’t so pretty.

Anyway, this is a nice clip.