Deadly shooting

Unclear what happened and why, but several are dead at a religious college in California.


Seven people died and three others were wounded in a shooting at a small California religious college Monday, Oakland police said.

An Asian male in his 40s was detained as a suspect, but he has not yet been charged in the shooting, according to police spokeswoman Johnna Watson said.
“We believe that this is the person,” Watson said.

Police would not release the suspect’s name or confirm his relationship to his victims or Oikos University in East Oakland, she said.

From Oakland Tribute:

A former nursing student who opened fire in a small Christian university Monday morning, killing seven and wounding three more, first told his former classmates to line up against a wall before pulling a handgun and sending students fleeing in panic, witnesses said.

“The people started running and he started shooting,” said Gurpreet Sahota, who relayed an account from his sister-in-law, Dawinder Kaur.
Kaur, 19, a nursing student and U.S. Army Reservist from Santa Clara, was shot in her right arm near her elbow, according to her relatives.

She relayed a scene of chaos and horror. They said she told them the gunman had been a student in her class who had been absent for months before appearing Monday and ordering students to line up against a wall.

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