Jet Blue choses the worst of both worlds

Jet BlueFirst, of all, I was planning on going to the YearlyKos because last year’s was a huge success. So, I scheduled some time off. I’m a last minute kind of guy so I hadn’t registered. Well, registration closed yesterday. I’m used to going to conferences where registration on site is relatively common. Guess not. No YearlyKos for me.

Anyway, JetBlue was flying several of the speakers out to the conference for free. Cool. They were also flying their staffs out for free. Doubly cool. Well, Billo got a hold of it. Hundreds of crazed e-mails (probably the same guy with different e-mail addresses) were sent to Jet Blue. Now, JetBlue has asked YearlyKos to remove their logo from their web site. Bad. Now, here’s the rub – they have stated to YearlyKos that they will still fly the speakers. So, JetBlue continues to upset the right wing neocons and manage to make folks at the YearlyKos see red. Crazy.

Here’s my problem with the whole saga. Why wasn’t this anticipated by YearlyKos and JetBlue? O’Reilly and Hannity are reporting on anything to avoid the war. The YearlyKos is perfect. They can lie and spin and get their ever shrinking audience whipped into a lather. There should have been a plan. A plan that was discussed not only by someone in public relations but also with the CEO and the board. Everyone has to buy in eventhough the sponsorship isn’t a huge expense for the company. There was going to be some back lash. This is the time that we live.

Words by Kos.

Send your own words to JetBlue – (I have sent my e-mail. I may send another.)

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Errington C. Thompson, MD

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