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Sunday Evening News Roundup (Update)

Sunday Evening News Roundup. Let’s get started. Here’s an idea. How about a renter’s tax credit? A renter’s tax credit would encourage more people to rent. Because lower income and middle income people rent, the tax credit would be used not to buy second and third homes in the south of France, but to buy food, clothes and other staples. The money would be spent right away. I love the idea, which is why the GOP will hate it. Zach Johnson wins the John Deere Open on the second playoff hole. Zach Johnson and Troy Matteson both double bogeyed the first

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2 University stories

I’m sorry but the death of a student body president, Eve Carson, at University of North Carolina isn’t some random gang shooting. What happened? There were no signs of a sexual assault. If it was a simple robbery then why kill her? She was shot in the head at least once. Now, this was Wednesday morning. This was a pre-med student who was out after 1:30 am. This isn’t adding up. Why would she leave her apartment that late? This is plenty weird. The other story is the other university shooting. Lauren Berke was an 18 year old freshman at Auburn

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Shooting at Northern Illinois University

How many times are we to say oh what a tragedy? Since the famous shootings at Columbine high school, how many of these “random” shootings have there been? Without using any fancy search engine like Google or Yahoo, how many shootings have there been with in the last year. I’m not talking about gang violence or Man shoots wife or wife shoots husband but instead I’m talking about a guy goes into a mall, like what happened over Christmas. I’m talking about shootings like the one at Virginia Tech to happened about one year ago. We will of course await for

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