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Dallas Cowboys 2013 Review – Tony Romo

Tony Romo

Tony Romo

I’m a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. I’m not a scout. I’m writing this because many Cowboy fans have been sipping the Tony Romo hater-ade. I think that they need to focus their anger in a different direction. We have now had several years of tape to study on Tony Romo. He is a good quarterback. He wants to win. He wasn’t as thoughtful or studious as Peyton or Brady, but he has gotten a ton better. He can throw a great ball. He has some great movement in the pocket. He can be brilliant on the football field. Every now and then, it seems that the moment can be too big for Tony. It seems as if he feels that he has to make a play whether the play is there to be made or not. When you look at the Denver Bronco game I think that you see the good and the bad of Tony Romo.

In the 1st quarter, the Cowboys have a 2nd and 16. Romo is the shotgun. Romo gets immediate pressure. He spins out of the pocket to his left. He looks left. That receiver is covered. He looks right and Witten is open. He throws a dart across his body to Witten for 17 yards and a first down. Later on in that same drive, Dallas is 3rd and goal at the 8. Four wides. Murray also goes out in the pattern from the backfield. Romo has about a year to find someone… anyone, and no one comes open. Denver drops 7 into coverage. Romo gets sacked for 17. On one hand, this is no big deal, since we were going to kick a field goal anyway. On the other hand, what the heck was he thinking? He is really looking and looking for a receiver for about 10 seconds. Throw the ball out of the back of the endzone. Do something. Don’t take a stupid sack. There is no reason. (more…)

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Da Cowboys – so sad

I hope that you have gotten some enjoyment out of the Dallas Cowboys this year. I know that I have enjoyed our five game winning streak. It was fun. Romo and Whitten have put up some great stats. We figured out that Roy Williams is NOT a #1 receiver. Mike Jennings has been a pleasant surprise at corner. Keith Brooking has played very well at inside linebacker.

It is clear that the Cowboys, without some major changes, will miss the playoffs again. Today against the very good San Diego Chargers, the Cowboys seemed to be hoping that the Chargers would screw up. When you are first and goal AND a playoff team, you figure out how to score. The Cowboys after three chances within the two-yard line couldn’t score. Whose fault is it? Who cares? The bottom line is that they couldn’t score.

After San Diego’s GREAT goal line stand, the Cowboy defense needed to stop the Charges. The Cowboys needed a three and out.  They got something even better. They got an interception. The Cowboys are in business with the ball at the San Diego 27. This is the game. Pass to Whitten incomplete. Barber run – three yards. Third and seven – incomplete pass to Miles Austin. What the hell? Romo had an opportunity to get the ball to Dallas’ two biggest playmakers and nothing happened. And now, the icing on the cake of despair, Nick Folk misses a 42-yard field goal.  That was the ballgame.

San Diego’s defense made plays when it counted. The Cowboys’ defense did make plays, but not enough to win. The Cowboys’ offense has lost the season for the Cowboys. You cannot have the ball deep in your opponent’s territory twice and come away with nothing. Not if you want to win games in the NFL. One of eight on the third down. Seriously?  You are NOT a playoff team – one for eight. There is no excuse. Over the last four years, we have heard all of the excuses. There are none. (Can Dallas, the City, buy the San Diego Chargers who look like the team that the Cowboys should be?)

Next week, the New Orleans Saints will mop the floor with the Cowboys. I suspect that the Cowboys will split their last two games.  I hope that the Jerry Jones and the rest of the Cowboy organization have comfortable Lazy-boyz to watch the Saints and the Vikings go deep into the playoffs.

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Can the Cowboys fire Williams now?

roy williams receiverLook, I’m a little resentful of these high paid sports figures. I went to school for what seemed to be 100 years in order to become a trauma surgeon. I’m well-paid. But when I compare myself to Alex Rodriguez my paycheck looks somewhat measly. I do find some comfort in stating that at least Alex Rodriguez is producing. Roy Williams, number one receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, is a completely different story. What a disaster.

From ESPN:

No. 2 is Miles Austin, who has produced like a Pro Bowler since moving into the starting lineup. Austin has set an NFL record with 482 yards in his first three starts, scoring on five of his 21 receptions during that span.

Compare that to Williams’ statistics in 16 games since arriving from Detroit in a blockbuster deal: 33 catches, 447 yards and three touchdowns.

Considering those numbers, how could Williams possibly still see himself as the Cowboys’ No. 1 receiver?

“He gets the ball thrown correctly his way,” Williams said of Austin. “I’m stretching and falling and doing everything. Everybody [else] who’s been here’s balls are there. Our footballs [from Romo to Williams] are everywhere right now.”

Williams has caught only 14 of 37 passes thrown his way this season. Only four receivers in the league who have been targeted at least 25 times have caught a lower percentage of passes aimed at them.

The guy runs mediocre routes. He has little or no separation speed.

BTW, the Yankees are slowly bleeding the Phillies to death. Death by 1000 cuts. A run here, two runs there. In the bottom of the fifth, the score is 5-1.

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