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Public wants Dems to do something

Now poll shows that the public is actually way ahead of the Democratic party. The public wants funding cut for the war. They want the troops home. What are the Dems waiting for? This is their stamp of approval or their permission slip. Update:  Video added.  Howard Fineman has some thoughtful commentary.  The Democrats need to awake and fight for the American people or they will be left out in the cold.   Also, please note that President Bush’s approval rating remains in the toilet. ———— From WaPo: Most Americans oppose fully funding President Bush’s $190 billion request for the wars

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Central Questions—Democracy & The General Public

This is the first installment of an occasional series I’ll be running called “Central Questions.” Today’s question is—–How does one reconcile a commitment to democracy with the often distressing beliefs and actions of the general public? Possible Answers— 1. Try to see people’s beliefs and actions from their perspective. This takes work and requires sympathy for people who may make little effort to see your side of the debate. Still, it’s worth the trouble. 2. Realize that you are flawed as well. 3. Consider the view that Democracy in and of itself has merit regardless of the outcome of the democratic

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What's up with Republicans and public restrooms?

So, Bob Allen of Fla propositions a cop in a bathroom just a couple of months ago. His explanation for what happened as racist at best. Now, we have Idaho Republican Senator Larry Craig. He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. It appears that there was some lewd conduct in a men’s restroom. Of course, Craig is trying to spin this. Update: It appears that Craig was a big supporter of Mitt Romney. They even had a commercial together. Now, that commercial has been pulled by Romney campaign. I can’t find a copy of it on the web anywhere. Update II: Well,

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