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Ohio Republican Wants A Lot Of Federal Money

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What does Republican Governor-elect John Kasich of Ohio want?

Federal money for Ohio is what Republican Governor-elect John Kasich of Ohio wants.

From the Cincinnati Enquirer

“Gov.-elect John Kasich said Thursday after a meeting at the White House that he’s not optimistic that the Obama administration will let Ohio use the money intended for passenger rail to upgrade freight lines…Kasich has said the $400 million federally subsidized 3-C corridor project, which would provide passenger rail service among Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland, would be too costly for the state. He wants flexibility to use the money for other transportation needs. He’d also like flexibility in how the state spends federal money designated for job training, Title I (education) and Medicaid….Kasich said he was confident that the state would get the $400 million Race to the Top grant that the state won under outgoing Gov. Ted Strickland. Kasich has said he wants to make changes to the state’s education system, and some have voiced concern that his changes would jeopardize the money. “I have no reason to believe that we’re not going to get that,” Kasich said.”

Mr. Kasich wants money for freight rail instead of for passenger lines.

Where is his call for free enterprise for freight rail?

Must Ohio’s freight rail industry be burdened by socialism? Where are the freight rail executives in opposing this socialism?

Mr. Kasich wants job training, Title I, and Medicaid money.

Where is all the Tea Party/Republican talk about the federal government staying away?

Mr. Kasich says the federal government denies him flexibility in how federal money will be spent.

Yet Ohio will still get the Race To The Top money despite the change in Ohio from a Democratic Governor to a Republican Governor.

What a bunch of hypocrisy is so many respects from Mr. Kasich and from the Republican Party in Ohio. (more…)

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Report From Obama Delegate From Ohio

Here is a convention update from the Obama delegate from Ohio and Ohio State Representative, Tyrone K. Yates:

Last night I attended the Democratic National Convention in a
non-Delegate status because I donated my credentials to an Ohio Young Democrat.
Few if any of them will get to the floor to experience a national
convention. On his last visit to Dallas in November 1963, President John F.
Kennedy’s personal notes include a reference to insuring that Young
Democrats have seats at the TradeMart luncheon.

Hillary Clinton’s speech was very good-excellent. At the breakfast this
morning I sat at a table where Governor Strickland sat. The national
president of AFSCME spoke and said that American labor must confront its
racism and any labor member refusing to vote for Obama and any
rationale against him is “bull….”

We are experiencing a turning point in American race relations and
presidential politics-a point where our ideals and deeds must meet and
clash. The battle for our racial souls “augurs” well

Yates lives in Cincinnati and is President of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus. He and I have been friends for many years.

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