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Sunday Evening News Roundup (Update)

Sunday Evening News Roundup. Let’s get started. Here’s an idea. How about a renter’s tax credit? A renter’s tax credit would encourage more people to rent. Because lower income and middle income people rent, the tax credit would be used not to buy second and third homes in the south of France, but to buy food, clothes and other staples. The money would be spent right away. I love the idea, which is why the GOP will hate it. Zach Johnson wins the John Deere Open on the second playoff hole. Zach Johnson and Troy Matteson both double bogeyed the first

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Cowboys verses Giants

This is why you watch the NFL. It is for games like these. Everything on the line. Win and you are in the playoffs and you win the NFC East. Cool. I just finished watching the Giants lose to the Redskins in their week 15 match-up. The Giants did just about everything that they could to lose that game. They played the run extremely badly. Had Rex Grossman played better, the Redskins could have really killed the Giants. The Redskins controlled the clock, which limited Eli Manning. Also, the wide receivers for the Giants were dropping the ball like they got

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