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What's going on – News Roundup

Monday Evening News Roundup It appears that the United States warned India back in October that there was going to be an attack on the hotel and business centers in Mumbai. Contrast the above intelligence “success” to President Bush’s interview with Charlie Gibson last night. Bush admitted that the biggest failure of his presidency was the cataclysmic lack of weapons of mass destruction. Bush had the audacity to place the blame for that travesty at the doorstep of the CIA, when in fact the blame is entirely his. It was his job to look at all the information.  It was his job to

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Early Indiana Results

Early voting in Indiana seems to favor Barack Obama. I’m sure that this means nothing but MSM has to cover every trivial meaningless detail. I have yet to see a great article in the MSM on the gas tax. The reporting is mostly he said, she said. Update: So, I went looking for some good information on the gas tax holiday. I found it on the Washington Post’s Fact Checker. Here’s what they have to say – Both John McCain and Hillary Clinton have called for a “gas tax holiday” this summer to offer commuters and vacationers some release from spiraling

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