Where’s the Outrage podcast 7-15-06

Brian Katulis from the Center For American Progress joins us from Washington.  We discussed the myriad of problems that continue to plague Iraq.  Operation “Together Forward” is really a spectacular failure.  Current estimates of over a hundred civilians are dying in sectarian violence.  We then change focus and discuss North Korea.  We go back to the Clinton administration and discuss the “Agreed Framework”.  We then discuss how the Bush administration has been conflicted on how to handle North Korea.  On one hand part of the administration wants to engage North Korea, on the other hand part of the administration wants to isolate North Korea.  The combination of these policies is what we’ve been left with which has allowed North Korea to build nuclear weapons.

Due to Technical Problems we lost the segment with Representative Susan Fisher.  She was great.  Hopefully, we’ll have her on again soon.

These topics and more on a shortened addition of Where’s the Outrage.