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Robot Groove – Animusic

I posted this years ago. Felt like posting again. Totally cool animation. C&L has some more Animusic here. This is my favorite one. Music and graphics by Animusic!!!

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Al Jarreau – Spain

So, I have been slowly counting down (in the wrong order) my favorite Al Jarreau tunes. Since I fell for you Wee B DoinIt Better Than Anything Now, for #4 https://youtu.be/vybUXUhhjdA Artist: Al Jarreau Tune: Spain (Live) Although I really like the live version (too much Steve Gadd on drums and not enough Al singing), I love the album version. You can feel the full range of Al’s voice in this tune. He hits the rapid fire notes – I can remember the rain in the December the leaves are brown on the ground. Damn that’s just great.  You also have

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