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Al Jarreau – Spain

So, I have been slowly counting down (in the wrong order) my favorite Al Jarreau tunes.

  1. Since I fell for you
  2. Wee B DoinIt
  3. Better Than Anything

Now, for #4

Artist: Al Jarreau
Tune: Spain (Live)

Although I really like the live version (too much Steve Gadd on drums and not enough Al singing), I love the album version. You can feel the full range of Al’s voice in this tune. He hits the rapid fire notes – I can remember the rain in the December the leaves are brown on the ground. Damn that’s just great. ¬†You also have free flowing long, luscious tones. It is just wonderful. Enjoy.

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Ohio Players

So, several people have emailed me asking if I’m okay. Yes, I’m fine. I have decided to stay out of this election. Basically, everyone has decided who they are going to vote for already. Nothing that I can say,or type, will change anyone’s mind. CNN just interviewed several female Trump supporters. One of them said that he is a good man. Another said that she will still vote for Trump, despite the recently released information regarding Trump’s treatment of women. Yet another one of these female supporters said that she didn’t understand why the media wasn’t talking about Hillary and Benghazi. (Benghazi? Really??? Hasn’t that subject been investigated to death? What more can be said? Maybe she wants the media to simply replay old clips, a rendition of their greatest hits.)

So for me, I’m going back in the old stacks and pulling out –

Artist: Ohio Players
Tune: Skin Tight

This is the tune that really broke it open for the Ohio Players. This tune got a lot of play on the RnB stations. Their next album featured their signature hit – “Fire.” (Don’t tell anybody, but I’m old enough to have bought that album!!)

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