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Arkansas Democratic Party Chair Shot (Updated)

Breaking News: State Democratic Party Chair Bill Gwatney has been shot. A gunman reportedly walked into the democratic headquarters and asked to speak with Gwatney then shot him. The suspect fled and was chased. The chase ended with gunshots being fired. It has been reported that the suspect was shot dead. Update: Gwatney has died. No motive for the shooting has been found. I’m not sure that any motive will explain this terrible act. The shooter, Timothy Johnson, was shot by authorities. My heart goes out to Gwatney’s family and friends. —— From the Arkansas Democrat Gazette: A gunman shot Democratic

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MI Challenge

From EmptyWheel who is live blogging from the meeting: As I said in this post, I was skeptical that Mark Brewer–the MDP Chair–would be able to make a strong case for the 69-59 split. I was wrong. The key to Mark Brewer’s success was in stating clearly that there was no way to measure the “fair reflection” of the intent of the voters who participated in the presidential selection process because, as he pointed out, there was no primary, convention, or caucus, that actually measured it. And that’s the fundamental truth that made the Clusterf&ck the Clusterf&ck it was. By starting

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