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Why the Dallas Cowboys are really, really awful

I love the Dallas Cowboys. My father took me to see my first Cowboys game back in 1966. So, it is my father’s fault that I love the Cowboys. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, the Cowboys played football. They were awful toward the end of the 1980s. They dominated the early 1990s with what might be the greatest football team of all time. What Jerry Jones has done with the Dallas Cowboys since the ’90s is somewhat of a headscratcher. I’m pointing my finger at Jerry Jones because he is the owner. He has the last say on everything having to do with the Dallas Cowboys. No one seems to be accountable.

After today’s disaster, someone needs to stand up and say who stays and who should go because someone should be fired after this performance. Let’s start with Joe DeCamillis, the special teams coach. Missed field goals. Fumbled kick offs and a blocked punt. Let’s don’t forget Dez Bryant fumbling another punt today. Joe should be fired. The special teams have lost at least two games this year.

It is time for someone in the Dallas Cowboy camp to get serious and understand that you need to be precise in order to win in the NFL.

Felix Jones was a first round draft choice five years ago. One would figure if you draft a back in the first round, that back would be a sensation. He has had 12 touchdowns in five years. Emmitt Smith, another first round back, had more than 12 touchdowns in less than a half a season. He has also had 12 fumbles, not counting the huge fumble today. Finally, Felix Jones has been hurt a lot. With stone hands, fumble fingers and all the chillin’ on the bench, I don’t know why the Cowboys still have Jones. He has failed as a first round draft choice. I’m sorry. He hasn’t gotten the job down.

Dez Bryant has to be accountable for being a BEAST and a MORON. 17 touchdowns and seven fumbles in only his third year. Look, I don’t have time to watch his brooding and temper tantrums. It isn’t worth it. Laurent Robinson was here. He was catching balls. He ran the right routes. I don’t know how many interceptions Romo has thrown because Bryant hasn’t done what he was supposed to do. I need a wide receiver to catch the ball and get where he is supposed to be on time. That’s all. Bryant isn’t getting it done. Trade him, fire him or get him to do his job…without fumbling.

The Cowboys have many more problems than I have outlined here. They don’t play together. The defense is finally beginning to play well. The offense is awful. The special teams are worse. I hate to say it, but this season looks like it is already over. I just wonder where the Cowboys would be if they cut Tony Romo and got Peyton Manning in the off season.

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Chillin’ in Chicago

When I was really young, I loved to travel. That was long before planes crashed into the World Trade Center. That was back when we actually got service on airlines. Talking with a young lady who was sitting so close to me that I should have bought her dinner, I explained that I remember running for a plane when I was around 10 years old. I was with my whole family and they were holding the plane for us. A stewardess was waiting with a smile. A smile!! That was a long time ago.

I’m sitting in the airport because I jogged thru the Atlanta airport and MADE my flight. As I got to the gate, did the knucklehead behind the desk say anything worthwhile? Nope. “Hurry, let me check your ticket, then run to the plane. They are closing the door.” What? I just ran thru the airport to make this stupid plane. I was running thru the airport because my plane from Asheville to Atlanta was late. It left nearly an hour late. Though none of this is my fault yet, I’m treated like I’m putting these folks out. What’s wrong with this picture? I paid good money for a ticket, yet I’m being treated like I am a burden. Well, excuse me.

So, you know why I’m sitting here at Chicago’s Midway airport? It is because my bags didn’t make the flight that I was told to “run” to catch. So, I can have my bags delivered to my room in six to eight hours if everything goes okay or I can sit here in the airport for another 90 minutes while I wait for my bags.

In a nutshell, this is what is wrong with America. We don’t treat each other with respect. We are nothing more than piles of money to these big companies. When and if that changes we will be on our way to being a great nation again.

(Just in case you are wondering, the flight that I’m waiting on is 20 minutes late, of course.)

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A couple of things – Thursday Evening Edition

  • As a government, our lack of revenue is the problem. The middle class is ponying up their share. It is corporations and the top 1% who are taking home more and paying less.
  • Pakistan plays the Sergeant Schultz card. (See the video below.) They knew nothing about Bin Laden chillin’ in their country.

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