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Podcast – Local Edge Radio with Bill Scher and Vonciel

Finally, I was able to catch up with Bill Scher from Liberal Oasis and Campaign for America’s Future for this podcast. (Please read Bill’s must-read post on how to get jobs back on the table.)Bill is one of the fabulous progressives. We discuss the fact that President Barack Obama appears to be holding the winning hand with debt ceiling negotiations coming up. We talk about Benghazi. Every time the Republicans try to make a big deal out of Benghazi, it seems to blow up in their faces. Such was the case with Mitt Romney and, most recently, Charles Krauthammer, who stated that Hillary Clinton had a case of Benghazi allergy, which is why she didn’t testify in front of Congress. Bill correctly points out that Benghazi is not a scandal. Instead, it shows the difficulty in balancing what an Embassy is supposed to do – security versus being with the people. One of the things that seems to be overlooked is that President Barack Obama is now promoting a foreign-policy that is fostering democracy in many countries that once were dictatorships. (I wonder why Fox News isn’t talking about this.) Listen to this podcast. It is extremely entertaining.

I would like to thank Bill Scher for being on the show and I’d also like to thank my co-host Vonciel for tolerating my Bogarting the microphone.

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Grab Bag

It should be no surprise to anyone that members of the gay and lesbian community are upset and disappointed with Barack Obama. The community had high hopes for President Bill Clinton, who let them down on a number of occasions, including the laughable policy Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. I think it is time for progressives to be truly… progressive. We cannot stand back and wait for change. We need make it happen. This is a civil rights issue. To this end, the gay and lesbian community needs to organize as they did in the mid-1980s. They need to march from Washington to Miami and from Houston to LA. They need to get support from the mainstream progressive community. We need to write Congress and force our congressmen to introduce legislation that would eliminate discrimination based on sexual orientation. This would resend the indefensible Defense of Marriage Act and would also eliminate Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. I guarantee that President Barack Obama would sign such legislation. On the other hand, Obama is not to make the same mistake that President Bill Clinton did, which is to get out ahead of the public on gay and lesbian issues. Clinton lost standing with the Pentagon because he forced, or tried to force, equality in the military.

If you question whether there is a media bias in this country, I would ask you to look no further than the Washington Post. They just fired liberal columnist Dan Froomkin. Their reasons for firing him are somewhat nebulous. He was never given the real status of a columnist. Instead, he was simply given a blog. The blog did not have a high profile (no links from the front page… can be found on the opinion page in the bottom left-hand corner). Yet he had a loyal following. I guess one of my questions is what does a columnist need to do in order to get fired? If a columnist is completely wrong on multiple occasions, does that get you fired? Charles Krauthammer’s been so wrong for so long it’s hard to imagine anyone being less correct. He continues to advocate for torture. So, if advocating for torture doesn’t get you fired… then maybe being a liberal and standing up for liberal principles may be the problem.

There was a very interesting story that the New York Times posted yesterday about their reporter David Rohde. He was kidnapped by the Taliban seven months ago. He somehow managed to escape and he found a Pakistani army scout who took them to a nearby army base. Congratulations to David. Unfortunately, his driver who was also kidnapped did not escape. It will be interesting to see if the Americans or the Pakistanis find the location of this Taliban base.

Finally, conservatives continue to complain that Barack Obama has not been outspoken enough about the Iranian uprising. If we’ve learned nothing from the past eight years we have clearly learned that words have consequences. After George Bush confronted the Iranian government and called them part of the Axis of Evil, they accelerated their nuclear program. They are now closer than ever to developing a nuclear bomb. George W. Bush inflamed Iranians and Muslims with his rhetoric. Barack Obama has been more cautious and thoughtful, in my opinion. He released a statement yesterday that some may describe as timid. Former Secretaries of State Burzynski and Kissinger have supported Obama’s approach. Even George Will has called criticism of Obama’s approach “foolish.” The death of this young Iranian woman at the hands of the Iranian police could have significant repercussions.

Graphic Video of a woman who died in the Iranian protests:

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What's going on in Iran?

Huge protests throughout Iran yesterday. Please see the above video.

I was really confused as to where the Ayatollah could go from here. It seems that he’s painted himself into a corner. Either he doubles down and sticks with the current party line, that the elections were fair, or he announces that he was wrong earlier in the week when he endorsed Ahmadinejad. Today, we found the answer. He doubled down.

From WaPo:

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Friday demanded an end to street protests that have shaken the country since a disputed presidential election a week ago and said any bloodshed would be their leaders’ fault.

He defended Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the rightful winner of the presidential vote and denied any possibility that it had been rigged, as Ahmadinejad’s opponents have asserted.

“If there is any bloodshed, leaders of the protests will be held directly responsible,” Khamenei declared in his first address to the nation since the upheaval began. (more… )

Many on the right continue to be clueless about exactly what is going on in Iran and America’s role. Everything is not about us. Of course, Charles Krauthammer doesn’t understand this.

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