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Super Committee – super, colossal failure

The super committee has until Wednesday, if I’m not mistaken, to come up with a solution to our budget crisis. They were charged with coming up with $1.4 trillion worth of cuts/savings. I basically ignored the super committee from the moment the idea was floated on Capitol Hill. The idea sounded moronic. If Congress cannot come up with a solution to our budget “crisis” then why should we believe that a committee made up of six Democrats and six Republicans would be able to solve the problem? The reason we had an impasse in Congress was that the Republicans insisted that

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Rick Perry’s Conservative Playbook

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Several decades ago, conservatives got together and figured that their message was not resonating with Americans. For almost a decade they work hard at honing their message. They decided not to get bogged down in complicated explanations and really streamline their message to only a few pithy statements. The government is too big. Taxes are too high. Military spending is always okay. In a nutshell that has been their mantra. The true genius of the conservative agenda has been the bait and switch. Rick Perry is a master at

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Cutting to create a crisis

Some budget crisis are truly unpredictable. Something unforeseeable happens and suddenly there’s not enough money to go around. Let’s be clear, this is not what we’re seeing now. Republicans across the country have been cutting budgets, cutting taxes giving tax rebates for the last 20 years. Yet, for the most part, they have not cut spending. Sure, there’s been some window dressing a little cut here a little cut their but as a whole spending has remained basically flat. It is true that all states have suffered a reducing revenues secondary to the economic downturn. Economic downturns are predictable and should

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