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CIA believes that Al Qaeda killed Bhutto

I have written a lot on Benizar Bhutto (here, here and here). She knew before she returned to Pakistan that there were going to attempts on her life. My question is where was the security? If she was unable to Pervez Musharref and the Pakistani government to protect her then she needed to get someone. What about Blackwater? I guarantee that Blackwater would have been able to protect her for a price. Roads would have been cleared. She would have never been allowed to stick her head out of sunroof. Guys with high powered rifles, machine guns and wrap-around sunglasses would

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Bhutto controversy

The Pakistani government has taken a page out of the US government playoff.  Keep throwing explanations at the public.  The public will get tired before you have to give up the real answer. I detailed the problems with the “official photo” in an earlier post.  This video clear tells us that the doctors are being forced to be quiet.  There was no autopsy.  The physician’s notes don’t really make any sense.  One doctor spoke out, sort of, “The government took all the medical records right after Ms. Bhutto’s time of death was read out,” said a visibly shaken doctor who spoke

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Who killed Bhutto?

I’m not sure that I have the answer to the question – Who killed Bhutto? First, she has as many enemies as friends in Pakistan. Secondly, Al Qaeda benefits from chaos but not from the increased attention that the US would put on the organization. Thirdly, Pervez Musharraf and his guys seem to benefit the most. President Musharraf is deeply unpopular for the resent crackdown on freedom, liberty and the people of Pakistan. If he can calm the unrest without Marshal Law and jailing thousands, then he could be seen as an effective leader. No matter how he plays his cards,

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