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Retired General John Batiste, a conservative, speaks out

I don’t usually re-post what other bloggers have posted but this is something special. It is a note from General Batiste. He has been outspoken against the tactics of the Bush Administration. He called for Rumsfeld to be fired. He submitted this to the WSJ and the Washington Times. They didn’t publish it. This was posted by our friends at Think Progress, one of the greatest blogs on the planet. ——– For my first post here at ThinkProgress, I thought I would share something a little different from what you usually read here — something from a conservative perspective. I think

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Countdown – General John Batiste

VoteVets.org is an organization that is trying to get more veterans elected to office. In the short term they are trying to stop the War in Iraq. They are targeting venerable republicans and running these ads. The strategy is sound. This is a good segment. General Batiste was a consultant for CBS but CBS fired him for these ads. Their “official” answer was kinda weak.

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