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News Roundup: Sexual Assault, Darren Sharper, Iranian Nuclear Arms Deal

Sexual assault must stop. Kirsten Schofield has penned a thoughtful, emotional and powerful article on sexual assault. Unlike whatever that debacle was that the Rolling Stone reported and then retracted, Kirsten was sexually assaulted. She does not accept the writer’s apology. She does not accept the apology of Rolling Stone… nor should she. In her own words: I do not accept Erdely’s apology and neither should you. Erdely says she allowed her “concern for Jackie’s well-being…fear of re-traumatizing her, and…confidence in her credibility to take the place of more questioning and more facts” and that she won’t make these mistakes again, but it’s

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Official Apology

Yesterday, I read a comment from one of my frequent commenters and I jumped on my high horse. As it turns out, this was completely unnecessary. I should’ve left the horse in the barn. What I read was, “you’re a real idiot.” I read the comment a couple of times (I get most comments sent to me via e-mail. Maybe it is easier to misread email but I doubt it). Unfortunately, I misread the comment each time. What was written – “you’re a real riot.” My deepest apologies for being a moron … It’s okay if you call yourself a moron.

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How to Get Ratings Without Even Trying

The folks on the right are very good at capturing the media’s attention. Whether it is Rush Limbaugh making some outrageous statement or Glenn Beck’s lastest Nazi reference, for some reason the mainstream media will focus on these antics for 24 or 48 hours and help these guys boost their ratings. The latest example was Doctor Laura Schlessinger. Some time after the outrageous statement you get the apology and the boost in the ratings. From HuffPo: In conversation Tuesday with a black female caller who was complaining about her white husband’s racist friends and their use of the word, Schlessinger said:

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