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Boycott Lowe’s

From DK: Giving in to an obscure group of haters in Florida may have seemed like a good idea to the managers of Lowe’s last week. But the big box home improvement store’s quiet decision to pull its advertising from Discovery/The Learning Channel’s All-American Muslim has done exactly what they apparently figured they were avoiding: generated a backlash. Music entrpreneur Russell Simmons has bought the ad space on TLC. A petition hosted by moveon.org urging other companies not to pull their advertising is only a few hundred names away from its 25,000-signature goal. A California state senator has excoriated the company, called for an investigation and threatened a legislative

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Real Thanksgiving Spirit

This is the Thanksgiving spirit. I wish we could see more of this – From Informed Consent: In Memphis, Tennessee, Christians, Muslims and Jews are jointly commemorating Thanksgiving, behaving like real Americans and proper human beings. The Heartsong Christian church congregation and a Muslim community center in the Cordova district of Memphis, held a joint Thanksgiving celebration in Memphis on Wednesday. They asked a Jewish American to read the opening prayer. Pastor Steve Stone explained to a local news reporter, “The Islamic Center bought the land right across the street from us, and that makes them neighbors, and Jesus teaches us

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