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Word of Wisdom on the Cordoba

Much has been written (most of it worthless) on the controversy over the Cordora House in New York. Build or no build. I have written on it. I’m positive that I haven’t changed anyone’s mind. Matthew Alexander adds his voice to chorus. The Cordoba House would be a powerful symbol of U.S. tolerance and freedom that will stand in direct contradiction to al Qaeda’s narrative that Americans hate Muslims. As a symbol, its construction demonstrates that the U.S. is not at war with Islam and that Muslims are welcome in America. It communicates a message of moderation that stands in stark

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U.S. to move 4,500 detainees from Abu Ghraib

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — The U.S. military will transfer detainees from Abu Ghraib to a new facility within three months, a U.S. military spokesman said Thursday. About 4,500 detainees will be moved to Camp Cropper, a detention facility at Baghdad International Airport that is being expanded to handle the influx, said Lt. Col. Keir-Kevin Curry, in charge of detainee operations. Camp Cropper has been holding “high-value detainees” and Saddam Hussein himself has been held there. The new prison could be completed as early as two to three months from now, Curry said. Abu Ghraib will be handed over to the Iraqi

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