Olbermann: So where is the memorial?

Keith Olbermann, of MSNBC’s Countdown, asked the question that we should all ask, so where’s the memorial?  It is five years from the event.  All we have is an empty hole in the ground.  There has been in fighting, partisan bickering and plain old New York bureaucratic red tape.  Don’t we as Americans deserve more?

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, President Bush stood on the rubble.  We were all behind him.  He made promises.  He made promises of capturing or killing the people that perpetrated this atrocity.  He made promises of rebuilding.  We’ve spent over $350 billion since then.  We have no more ill.  Bin Laden is still at large.  His right-hand man, today, taunts us by video.  We have to show for our investment?

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  1. The outrage is there. It will bubble to the top when or if Democrats ever get power again. Then, as the questions and comments of Olberman’s crowd still hang in the air and as the repeat of Democrat appeasements occur, the outrage will be palpable.

    Now, the only outrage is how democrats pretend that their alternative truthiness actually relates to anything real in the world at all.

    History will judge and if Neville Chamberlain’s trip is any guide, the DemoLeft of America will be pilloried. So please, keep Olberman and all of his ilk front and fore. It’s sealing fates in real time.

    Ain’t it cool!

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