September 11th – 4 years later

So, 4 years after September 11th what have we done? To remember the innocent lives what have we done to make this nation safer?

1. We are clearly less safe than we were on 9/11/01. We have started a breeding ground for terrorists in Iraq. This is the prefect training ground in which crazy’s can kill Americans and sharpen their skills at making roadside bombs and using other weapons.
2. Our response to a disaster in which we knew it was coming was/is laughable. suppose that was Al Qaeda attacking the refinaries in the New Orleans area. How would our response had been?
3. Well at least we have secured Afghanistan and made it a stable democracy. NOT!! More American’s have died this year in Afghanistan than died during the Afghan War.
4. Taliban leaders and our friend Bin Laden are still free and clear.

What have we done in the last 4 years?

From NYT:

Call it closure of a sort – at least for some. On the fourth anniversary of the terrorist attacks that killed thousands and felled this city’s most prominent buildings, what turned out to be the final minutes of life for many of the firefighters at the front lines of emergency rescue efforts are clearer than they were.

The firefighters had 29 minutes to get out of the World Trade Center or die. Inside the north tower, though, almost none of them realized how urgent it had become to leave.

They had no idea that less than 200 feet, or 60 meters, away, the south tower had already collapsed in a life-crushing, earth-shaking heap. Nor did the firefighters know that their commanders on the street, and police helicopter pilots in the sky, were warning that the north tower was on the edge of the same fate.

Until last month, the extent of their isolation from critical information in the final 29 minutes had officially been a secret. For three and a half years, Mayor Michael Bloomberg refused to release the Fire Department’s oral histories of Sept. 11, 2001. Under court order, however, 12,000 pages were made public in August.

On close review, those accounts give a bleaker version of events than either Bloomberg or former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani presented to the 9/11 Commission. Both had said that many of the firefighters who perished in the north tower realized the terrible danger of the moment but chose to stay in the building to rescue civilians. (more…)

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  1. The similarities of the September 11th tragedy and Katrina are remarkable.

    1. In the heat of the moment Bush did nothing.
    2. Cheney was nowhere to be found.
    3. Our response to each event was blunted secondary to ideology over reason. FEMA downgraded from a cabinet level position to one of 20 or more agencies in the Department of Homeland Security. Richard Clarke had the ear Clinton but was downgraded under Bush and his staff was cut by more than half.
    4. The administration resisted an independent investigation of 9/11. They are currently resisiting calls for an independent investigation of Katrina.

    Some administrations learn on the job. Others don’t.

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