I guessed that this interview with John McCain and Sarah Palin was going to get juicier. The first segment of the interview was relatively boring, as we have become accustomed to Sarah Palin;s major gaffes. There was none to be had. There was none of the partisan rhetoric she’s has been spouting. Spooky.

In tonight’s segment, Brian Williams asked about domestic terrorism. John McCain and Sarah Palin make a distinction between folks that bomb abortion clinics with, say, William Ayres. The distinction is, of course, artificial and relatively ridiculous. They point to the fact that there was a network of “terrorists.” This is why William Ayres is a terrorist. Also, they add, Ayres had plans to attack the Pentagon and other federal buildings. So the distinction lies between physically attacking federal buildings and merely wanting to overthrow the government. I’m sorry, but that definition is just plain stupid. A terrorist is someone whose design is to instill fear and create chaos. When you look in one of those smart books they describe terrorism as “the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion” (with my definition being quite close). Unfortunately, Sarah Palin’s definition (and, by extension, John McCain’s) isn’t even close. I’m surprised that Brian Williams did not point out the actual definition of terrorism.

Brian Williams does ask an interesting question about the fact that Palin sees herself as a feminist. As you might imagine with this question, Governor Palin senses a trap. She refuses to “label herself.” On one hand, I guess you could look at this as a smart move. Feminism is not embraced by the conservative movement. On the other hand, whether she wants to label herself or not she is clearly a liberated woman — whatever that means…and feminism is really only the recognition that women and men are equal. Again, it may be time for a dictionary. I guess it means she’s not in the kitchen cooking, but is instead is out make a living and supporting her husband. After all, she does have a First Dude…so she throws feminism under the bus.