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Worse person – Huckabee

Former Governor Mike Huckabee has jumped into the foreground of the Republican nomination.  He is suddenly getting attention – good and bad.  There is that rapist that he let out of prison.  Then there was that 1992 AIDS statement that he won’t retract.  Now, there is a statement that he has signed about a wife being subservient to her husband.

(Oh, yeah, right.  That would go over very well around here. NOT!!!)

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World's Worse – Rudy

Rudy Giuliani has the great pleasure of being the worst person in the world 2 days in a row.  With Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh flapping their mouths day in and day out without regard to the truth, Rudy has gone the extra mile.

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Cowboys look bad; 'Skins look worse

Yuck.  Fumbles.  Penalities.  More Penalities.  Dropped passes.  Allowing a 100 yd kick return.  In spite of these mistakes the Cowboys still played better than the Redskins.  The game was hard to watch.  At times, I was wondering if this was a pro football game or not then Roy Williams or Sean Taylor would make a play and I would remember yep this is pro football. Terry Glenn was outstanding.  The Cowboy defense was outstanding.

BTW, the photo below shows TO almost catching a pass.  Yep, he dropped it. 


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