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Romney’s Gaffe Tour

I agree with David Kurtz at TPM: First and most important, talking up the innate superiority of the Israelis over the Palestinians isn’t, by any definition, a gaffe. That’s real, with real geopolitical consequences. He didn’t misspeak (and I’m not sure one can “misspeak” about such things anyway), and his initial claim to have been misinterpreted has been trumped by his decision to reiterate all the same points to the conservative audience at National Review. Second, it’s hard to imagine Romney’s gaffes, missteps, and flat-out egregious mistakes happening if he had a different, i.e., solid, foreign policy team advising him. (Ignore

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Dear Pop Icons and Divas – Don’t Do It

So, by now, everybody should’ve heard that Mary J Blige cut a commercial for Burger King. It was about their chicken sandwich. After a huge uproar, the commercial has been pulled. There are some things in our society that just shouldn’t be done. The whole thing is simply too racially charged. I’ve been thinking about this for way too long, more than 10 minutes, and I just don’t know how a Black entertainer can sing about chicken. I don’t know how you do that without looking foolish or making everybody else look foolish. While I’m on the subject, watermelon should be

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Why Trayvon Matters

There are folks in our society who are scratching their heads and asking themselves, “Whats’ the big deal? Why are we seeing this huge uproar over Trayvon Martin?” These folks do have sympathy for Trayvon and his family, but they just don’t understand. Trayvon was about what happened in Sanford, Florida when a young, unarmed Black man was shot by another young man who was part of some sort of neighborhood watch program. Now, it has changed into more than simply the facts of this case. It is about the Black/minority community in America. Many Americans feel like America isn’t about

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