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Saturday Update

 So, who believes that the Warriors were blown out by the Cavs? I’m just asking because I still don’t believe it. The Cavs can’t score that much in practice. That was crazy. (The thing that makes the Warriors different from the Suns of 5 or 6 years ago, who have been a scoring machine for over a decade, is defense. Suddenly the whole team forgot how to play defense. Really??) Did you notice that Anti-Sharia Law rallies happened yesterday? So, we are rallying to prevent something that no one is asking for right? Okay… We know that Trump has become successful

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News Update – Ukraine, Acetaminophen, Galaxy S5

I know that John McCain is running around again talking tough. He’s accusing the Obama administration of being soft and wishy-washy. I know to John McCain the world is black and white. There are good guys and bad guys. The good guys simply need to go after the bad guys. In the world I live in, the real world, it is more complex. Running around with your hair on fire has consequences – Iraq and Afghanistan are simply two examples which come to mind. From BBC: US President Barack Obama has warned Russia there will be “costs” for any military intervention

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12 Dead at midnight Batman movie (Update)

14 12 people were killed and 50 59 were injured at a movie theater in Denver, Co. What craziness. My heart goes out to the survivors and the families of both the survivors and the dead. Very sad. Very unnecessary. I go to movies all the time. I love movies. When I was much younger, I loved going to any kind of movie – good, bad, action, drama. I would go to the movies with friends, on dates or by myself. This is so incredibly sad. From Denver Post: Fourteen people were killed and about 50 were injured early Friday when

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