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Saturday Night News Roundup

Very sad domestic incident here in Asheville. Hurricane Irene is dumping tons of rain along the eastern seacoast. New York and New Jersey are completely shut down. Atlantic City has been completely evacuated… Almost. Another Al Qaeda operative has been killed in Pakistan. I hate to type that he is Al Qaeda’s number two, since we’ve been told that multiple times before only to find out that the guy was some Al Qaeda flunky. There’s not much detail on exactly how this guy was killed. Germany is looking to shut down all of its nuclear reactors and is looking for alternative

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Unemployment during the Great Depression

More on clearing the air on the Great Depression. From Calculated Risk: Just for information purposes, the above graph is from Northern Trust. What was the high of the unemployment rate in the Great Depression? The civilian unemployment rate was around 25% during several months of 1932-1933 This graph shows the unemployment rate from 1929 through 1947. The surge in unemployment in 1937 was related to an attempt to unwind the monetary and fiscal stimulus policies, with disastrous results for employment. Just something to remember when the Fed and Treasury start to unwind the current stimulus programs. Several people have commented on 1937 lately

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