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Happy holidays to everyone! I hope everybody survived. I hope that tons of snow (Buffalo, New York), bitterly cold wind chills, and subzero temperatures didn’t freeze out your holiday spirit. Just before Christmas, a large cold front moved across the country. It brought severe winter weather to most of the country. Besides the freezing cold temperatures, wind gusts in the 40- to 50-miles-per-hour range made this a severe winter storm. On December 23, as winter storm Elliott hit the Midwest, over 4,500 flights were canceled. With Christmas just around the corner, this was disastrous for holiday plans. Over the next two

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American Airlines Files for Bankruptcy – This Can’t Be Good for Us

Yesterday, as I was driving home from work, I heard that American Airlines is filing for bankruptcy. American Airlines. Depending upon how you measure, American Airlines is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, airline in the country. American Airlines, along with Southwest Airlines, weathered the 9/11 downturn fairly well. So what happened? In their court filings, American Airlines has $24.7 billion in assets and $29.6 billion in debt. So how did this happen? What is the problem? It’s the planes – American’s mainline jet fleet of 619 planes includes 247 twin-engine MD-80s made by McDonnell Douglas Corp., according to

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Downsizing and layoffs are bad for business and bad for the US

There a lot of things in life that are counterintuitive. For example, when we lose control of a car on ice, we are told that we need to turn our wheels into the slide in order to gain traction. We’ve been told by Wall Street, time and time again that layoffs are necessary in order for a company to stay competitive. Corporate layoffs happen so often that Forbes has a Layoff Tracker. In February, ABC announced that it needed to lay off personnel in order to keep up with cable news and the Internet (yes, I know… it didn’t make any

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