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State layoffs are holding the economy back

States are laying off workers like it is Halloween and they are getting candy for every worker laid off. More than almost anything else, states are now holding back our recovery. From EPI: State employment and unemployment data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the continued lack of momentum in the national labor market is translating into sluggish job growth and slowly rising unemployment for the majority of states. Job growth throughout the states over the preceding three-month period (April 2012 to July 2012) was mixed, with 32 states and the District of Columbia adding jobs and 18 states experiencing

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Race and Moolah

Continuing my discussion on race, I was trying to figure out what is the best way to present the ideas of Derrick Bell. I think we can look at this data in almost any order. First, let’s look at unemployment data from 1972 up until the present. Although black unemployment reached the peak of almost 20% back in 1983, black unemployment seems to be 5 to 10% higher than white unemployment. Household wealth. The disparity is mindnumbing. Let’s jut look at those folks who are raking in the money, just the top 5%. Then let’s look at the lower limit income

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Losing Jobs.

The jobs picture in a word – sucks. ———— From EPI: The nation’s job market showed clear signs of recessionary conditions as the jobless rate leapt up a half percent in May, from 5.0% to 5.5%, according to today’s report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This monthly increase was the largest since the mid-1980s, pushing unemployment to its highest rate since late 2004. Payrolls contracted for the fifth month in a row, down 49,000 with most of the net job losses occurring in the construction industry, factories, offices, and retailers. Since total payrolls (public and private sector) peaked last December,

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