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Underdog the movie

I saw Underdog with my 3 year old grandson. He kinda liked it. I was a fan of the cartoon. I was in a theater of kids and I was the laughing. First, this is a good kid movie. There really isn’t any violence. Yes, bad guys get thrown but it is the kind of violence that Disney would show. Oh, yeah, it is a Disney movie. The acting was okay. It was simply a fun movie. Secondly, the special effects are good. The dog appears to fly. The movie gets a solid B. Worth taking the kids or if you were a fan like me go by yourself and laugh out loud.

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Underdog bloopers

If you can’t tell that I have my 3 year old grandson with me, maybe this blooper reel will convince you. He just cracks up when Underdog says underwear.

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