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Stan Lee – I don’t know what happened (update)

Dear Stan Lee (or should it be Mr. Lee) –

What happened to Spiderman? He was one of my favorite Superheroes. You are his creator. You are the mastermind. The Marvel Comic movie, The Avengers was perfect. It was the best of the Comic/Superhero movies, ever. Why was the Amazing Spider-man so mediocre? Sure, it was better than Spider-man 3, but who would aim for that bar?

I loved the way that Spiderman figured things out. It wasn’t always about strength; it was also about smarts. He was thoughtful and reflective. Peter Parker is supposed to be brilliant. In this movie, he revealed no brains. He didn’t really figure anything out. He simply read his father’s notes or looked up stuff on the internet.

I’m fine with the update. It was time for Tobey Maguire to move on. Andrew Garfield. He is the man to replace Tobey, really?


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Uncle Drew Knows Hoops

Have you seen this video in which “old” Uncle Drew proves that he knows hoops?

Sure, Uncle Drew is a ringer ,but then I look at the old San Antonio Spurs. There may be a lesson for all of us. The San Antonio Spurs should be getting all of the love from the sports world, but they aren’t. They have won four NBA titles with the same three guys as their core for the last decade. They have schooled younger and flashier teams. They understand how to play the game. The game ain’t about dunks. It ain’t about hype. It ain’t about individual scoring. It is about passing. It is about team defense. It is about rebounding as a team. It is about hitting the outlet passes. It about understanding where your teammates are on the floor at all times. It is about hitting the open guy and that guy drilling the open shot. It is about five guys playing in harmony. Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili understand this.

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When will the President say Uncle?

President has staked his whole Presidency on Iraq. He can’t back down. The democrats can back down but not without looking like a bunch of wimps. The only way that the Dems win this fight is to get the American people to pressure Congress. The Congress will have to pass legislation that would be veto proof. The Dems need to keep everyone that they have an get 8 – 10 R’s to cross over.

Can they do that? For the sake of the country and our troops, I hope that do.

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