Bill Clinton – unbeatable team

Bill Clinton was answering questions over the weekend when he was asked about a Hillary Clinton – Barack Obama team.  He mentions what the polls clearly shows – Hillary wins in the rural areas and Barack wins in the major cities.  Yes, that would be a great team BUT…  Now, this is what the former President doesn’t mention.  He doesn’t say that Barack Obama could get another running mate that would also do well in the rural areas.  He doesn’t mention that Barack Obama would do far better as a presidential candidate if he choses someone with a great track record on Foreign Policy and/or Intelligence.

Hillary Clinton adds little to Barack Obama in my opinion.  This is NOT a knock on Hillary but instead, it is a criticism of her experience.  She is a one term Senator.  Obama is almost a one term Senator.  They are both Democrats.  They are both progressives.  Clinton may have a little more of a conservative record but not much difference.  Hillary Clinton would need someone like Jim Webb or John Kerry (both for their experience)  to balance out a Hillary ticket in my opinion.  Barack Obama would need a Bob Graham or Joe Biden (I have changed my mind on Binden).

For more on my thinking on VP’s.  I did have a contest to see who could convince me of the best VP candidates and the winner’s thoughts are here.