What's Going On: Evening News Round-up

  • Robert Novak, the Chicago Sun-Times columnist who published Valarie Plame’s name, is retiring suddenly. It appears that he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. I although I disagree with Novak’s politics, no one deserves a brain tumor. I hope that he is able to get well soon.
  • The House Republicans were trying to make a big deal of the House adjourning without passing some energy legislation. They were hoping that the White House would go along with their game. The White House balked.
  • A new national poll shows that low-wage workers support Senator Barack Obama two to one over Senator John McCain. Now, all Obama has to do is get these folks out to the polls.
  • A grenade killed 16 policemen in China. This raises doubts on how well China can protect the Olympic athletes.
  • Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Dashcle, whose office received one of the anthrax letters says that the death of a primary suspect does not mean that the investigation is over. There are plenty of unanswered questions. Senator Dashcle was interviewed for NPR.
  • The great reporter Helen Thomas turned 88 today!!! Congratulations Ms. Thomas. Please keep asking those questions, I, for one, appreciate it.