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Thursday Morning News Roundup

Elizabeth Warren is running for Senate in Massachusetts. I simply love Elizabeth Warren. The professor is smart. She’s thoughtful. The biggest question I have about her candidacy is whether she can be tough in the trenches. Politics is a tough business. Will she be able to throw elbows when necessary? From time to time on this blog, I will endorse a candidate who I feel will represent the American people and fight for the middle class. My endorsement comes with more than simply lip service. I am sending a cash donation to her campaign – today. Creating jobs is key to

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Another Bad Day for Senator McCain

As I noted in previous posts, last week was really bad for Senator John McCain, BUT that appears to be nothing compared to the way that this week has started off. Former Texas Senator and presidential hopeful, Phil Gramm is a lobbyist for UBS as well as an economic adviser under McCain. Gramm is credited with the deregulation “reform” which may have led to the current subprime mortgage crisis. TPM: Below I noted MSNBC’s story tonight about how former Senator Phil Gramm (McCain’s economics advisor) was advising him on his subprime mortgage bailout policy while Gramm was also a registered lobbyist

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