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Romney’s continued attack on the auto industry

I’ve been been working on and off for the last two hours on trying to get a decent post together on Mitt Romney and his attack on the auto industry bailout. I have either writer’s block or brain freeze or some combination of both. Let’s see what Steve had to say on this subject – Mitt Romney has earned a well-deserved reputation for taking both sides of several dozen issues. As a rule, however, the Republican presidential hopeful tries to take these positions one at a time. Romney’s position on President Obama’s rescue of the American automotive industry is a little

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Tuesday Afternoon News Roundup (Update)

On Sunday, Texas Governor and presidential hopeful Rick Perry had a big prayer rally in Houston, Texas. The governor’s prayer rally drew somewhere around 30,000 people. Interestingly, just blocks away at the convention center in Houston, they were giving away free school supplies. How may people turned up for free school supplies? Over 100,000! School supplies as a rule aren’t that expensive. Yet with one fifth of Houston residents living below the poverty level, many are desperate. Ongoing riots in London. On the good-bad scale this is bad. Very bad. Update:  No significant violence so far tonight in London. Manchester has had an

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Wall Street sends Conservatives a clear message

Yesterday the Stock Market took a nosedive. Here’s what I know. US government spending equals 25% of GDP. Conservatives are cutting government spending. GDP will drop. The economy has to slow. So we take an already anemic economy and slow it even further. Maybe, just maybe, when the economy is slow, government spending is good? From NYT: Stock markets continued to slide Friday in Europe following sharp sell-offs in Asia and on Wall Street, as pessimism about weak growth in the United States combined with longstanding worries about debt levels in the euro area. Futures on the Standard & Poor’s 500 were

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