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Saturday Morning News Roundup

Just a couple of things this morning – CPAC in 100 seconds The Obama administration did what politicians usually do, capitulate. Instead of standing up against the hypocrisy that conservatives were stirring up, the Obama administration decided to change their rules on birth control. The rules were already reasonable. There’s a difference between being a corporation in the United States and being an individual. It is individuals, not corporations, who are guaranteed by our Constitution to have religious freedom. Greece continues to implode. They have to come up with some compromise or Greece will be plunged into financial collapse. If Greece

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Captain freed; three pirates dead

What the heck were these guys thinking? Saddam Hussein was playing a game in which he was thumbing his nose at the US. He died for that gamble. So, these pirates… how did they think this was going to end? A Navy Destroyer and other ships were in the area. Clearly they were clueless. The interesting aspect of this is that Barack Obama had to be in the loop. He probably okayed the mission. What was said? He couldn’t look like Jimmy Carter in the failed Iranian hostage crisis in which our helicopters crashed and servicemen died long before they got to our embassy. This could have been

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Geiger's Thoughts on Bush and Memorial Day

I try not to use the word hate. I try not to let hate into my soul, but sometimes it is just unavoidable. For instance, there was an attending physician from my residency who made my life miserable for no particular reason except that he could. It got so bad that if he was walking across the street and I was driving my car… I just don’t know if he would make it. In a similar light, Bob Geiger, who stopped writing his blog about six months ago, posted something on the Huffington Post. He talks about his hatred, Bush, and

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