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News Roundup – Westboro Baptist Church, Russia, Syrian jet is shot down

The founder of the Westboro Baptist Church has died. Counter-protesters, instead of spreading the hate that Fred Phelps did, took the high road. Visa and MasterCard have started to enact international sanctions. Russian bank customers will not be able to use their Visas and MasterCards. I have no idea how many Russians have American bank cards. NATO is warning Russia about its military build-up on the Ukrainian border. Just in case you thought that the world was getting less complex, I present to you Turkey and Syria. According to reports, a Syrian jet wandered into Turkish airspace. Turkey shot down the

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has never been about who has the biggest turkey. It has never been about stuffing ourselves until we couldn’t move. Thanksgiving has never been about sitting at the adult table. Instead, Thanksgiving is about celebrating all of the gifts that we’ve been enjoying throughout the year. So, in spite of the woes on Wall Street and in spite of whether your candidate won or lost I would like to wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

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Turkey Day

Traveling today. Hard to blog while you are traveling at least it is for me. I really can’t post any videos because of the size restrictions that most WiFi hotspots have. We’ll try.

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