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US Airways has landing gear trouble in Philly

From CNN: A US Airways plane blew a tire during takeoff Thursday evening at Philadelphia’s airport, an airline spokesman said, with witnesses recalling seeing the plane “bounce” before screeching to a halt. Citing initial reports, US Airways spokesman Todd Lehmacher said the commercial airliner’s pilot decided to abort takeoff after the tire issue. Philadelphia International Airport tweeted, and photos indicate, that the plane’s nose gear collapsed. Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers said two women from the plane were transported to the city’s Methodist Hospital, one with a minor injury and the other with a minor illness. “This is a good time,”

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More trouble in Pakistan

It appears that the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif looks like he going to return to Pakistan.  He was the PM who was replaced, booted or removed by Pevez Musharraf.  I may be wrong but Pakistan seems to be the perfect mix for a disaster.  Musharraf who has crushed his opposition now faces Benizar Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif.  Both will challenge Musharraf.  Both will call him and his government illegal.  Somebody please tell me what the Bush administration is doing to calm tensions in this destabilizing nuclear country? ——— From NYT: Nawaz Sharif, a Pakistani opposition leader and former prime minister

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Mukasey in Trouble

It has been almost 2 weeks ago when Michael Mukasey was testifying in the Senate and Senator Whitehouse asked him a direct question. Is Waterboarding (simulated drowning) torture? He couldn’t or wouldn’t directly answer the question. I wrote that he should be rejected right then. There was nothing else that needed to be considered. So, we have gotten bogged down in the exact definition of waterboarding. I heard on the Diane Rehm show some legal expert split the finest of hairs. He said something like if water actually gets into the lungs then that’s torture. If it doesn’t then it isn’t.

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