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John Edwards – Bring the troops home now

John Edwards does an unusual thing and buys TV time to really confront the president.  I think that it is a bold move.  I think that it is a move that early primary state Dems can support.  His message is simple.  Bring the troops home now.  Not in a year or five years but now.

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Warner – time to start bring troops home

Well, it is a start but I’M NOT buying it.  We have seen over the past 18 – 24 months Republicans have come out and said the most thoughtful things only to back pedal when the voting starts.  Let’s see John Warner has to say when the rubber meets the road.  He has talked tough before.  We have been down this road. A new National Intelligence Estimate has come out.  It doesn’t say anything that thoughtful progressives haven’t been saying for years.  The Republicans want us to believe that we aren’t getting the straight scoop from Iraq.   It is hard

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Let's Surge with our Troops

BBC photographer is embedded with the Army’s 2nd Infantry’s Division in Baghdad.  Leave it to a brother man to lay down a dose of reality.  He says he wants the president or someone in Congress to walk with him day in and day out.  He doesn’t say it but it is clear that he believes that they would end the war tomorrow if they had his experiences.

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