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McCain vs. Reality

I think that we have a great opportunity to look at two candidates and see where they stand (Obama’s OpEd, McCain’s Rebuttal). Neither candidate is perfect. Senator Barack Obama did speak out forcefully against the surge. He said that he didn’t think that it would control the violence. What he didn’t know was that there was a huge push in the Sunni community to decrease violence and to push out Al Qaeda. Without the cooperation of the Sunni tibial leaders, the violence would not have been quelled with a modest increase in troop levels (the surge). Senator John McCain never acknowledges

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Does General Petraeus Recommend a Troop Decrease?

Senator Joe Biden, Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, asked a question today. He pinned General David Petraeus on where Iraq is on a scale from one to 10 with regard to the war. Answering with a “10” would mean he would recommend a significant draw-down in troops. However, a “one” would mean that we need a significant increase in troop levels. Petraeus tried to bob-and-weave, but Biden quickly cornered him. He said that we are at a six or seven– very politically safe parameters. 🙂

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