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Thoughts on the jobs market

80,ooo jobs were created in June. I’m not sure what everyone expected. This is about what I had expected. There is nothing I can see that would cause employers to start hiring massive numbers of Americans. There is nothing out there. We are stuck in the mud. Republicans are pushing on the front of the car. Democrats are sort of pushing at the back of the jobs car (because we have these Blue Dog Dems, I have to say “sort of”) and we aren’t moving anywhere. Add to this the confusion that is Europe and I’m surprised that the job market

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Saturday Morning Roundup

Netroots Nation (progressive blogger conference) is going on right now. This is the energy, the center of the progressive movement. Recaps can be found here. Speaker of the House John Boehner and President Obama have locked horns over the War Powers Act. President Obama believes the War Powers Act does not apply to action in Libya. I believe this is the same type of action that we saw from the Bush administration, where the president simply didn’t believe that he needed to follow the rules. Glenn Greenwald has more. A closer look at former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty reveals more of

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Merry Christmas, here’s your lump of coal

No matter what your religion, this is a time of year for happiness, togetherness and celebration. With more than 6.3 million Americans being unemployed for more than six months, it’s hard for me to generate a lot of happiness. The president’s deficit commission has put everything on the table in order to “balance the budget.” The Commission has proposed deep cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as well as other programs. Republicans, along with some conservative Democrats, have decided that renewing unemployment benefits for millions of Americans should not be automatic but instead should be a bargaining chip to extend

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