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Obama on Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan

Once again, Tom Brokaw leads with a negative question for Senator Barack Obama: Why haven’t you been to Afghanistan, if you really think that it is the central front on the war on terrorism, before now? (That’s not quite as bad as “Have you stopped beating your wife?”– but close.) Again, Obama does a very good job getting out of this negative frame. He explains that he hasn’t been down at the corner barbershop playing dominoes. He states what he has been doing. I would urge Obama to step back from phrases like “We must win in Afghanistan.” This type of

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Peace in Anbar

This was what the spinmeisters were telling us for the last 4 – 6 weeks. Anbar was where it was at. The Sunni took up arms against Al Qaeda. They began working with us (appears that we were actually paying them to work with us). Cut, Roll credits. Well, wait. The violence hasn’t been quite as squashed as President Bush and others have told us. A key Sunni trial leader has been killed by a bomb planted near his home. We were charged with keeping this man safe. —— From AP News: The most prominent figure in a U.S.-backed revolt of

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