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Jobs Numbers – April

Not as good as I was hoping for, but not awful either. From EPI: The April 2012 employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed 115,000 jobs were added in April.  This is a drop from earlier in the year, but much of the slowdown is likely due to seasonal factors, namely unseasonably warm weather in the winter (e.g., the unseasonably warm January and February boosted economic activity and meant some employers hired then, instead of waiting until the spring).  Given that, the average job growth of the last three months—176,000 jobs—is probably the best measure of the current underlying

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New Trend – Men not workin'

From the NY Times:  Millions of men like Mr. Beggerow — men in the prime of their lives, between 30 and 55 — have dropped out of regular work. They are turning down jobs they think beneath them or are unable to find work for which they are qualified, even as an expanding economy offers opportunities to work. About 13 percent of American men in this age group are not working, up from 5 percent in the late 1960’s. The difference represents 4 million men who would be working today if the employment rate had remained where it was in the

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