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9/11 – My Beginning

I’ve spent most of today reading and reflecting on my education over the last decade. I don’t remember the first time I heard the word Al Qaeda. I don’t remember the first time I ever heard the name Osama bin Laden. I do remember where I was on September 11, 2001. I had been up most of the night taking care of trauma patients and I was sleeping in the morning. The phone rang and it was my mother-in-law. She is and was the Sentinel. She was always scanning the news. She called to tell us to turn on the TV.

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Michael Jackson and Propofol

Let me say two things right off the bat. First, I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan. I have talked about his tragic death on this blog several times before. Secondly, I am a trauma surgeon. I have added qualifications in Surgical Critical Care. I use the drug Propofol (trade name: Diprivan) quite often to take care of my trauma patients. (This is going to be a thoughtful discussion about Propofol and its uses. If you’re looking for rhetoric, hype and finger-pointing, you’ll need to look elsewhere.) Common scenario: a 25-year-old intoxicated patient is involved in a motor vehicle crash. The patient

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Are We Not Listening to Obama?

Great OpEd in the New York Times on Senator Barack Obama. It clearly needs to be read – We have to have a talk about Barack Obama. I know, I know. You’re upset. You think the guy you fell in love with last spring is spending the summer flip-flopping his way to the right. Drifting to the center. Going all moderate on you. So you’re withholding the love. Also possibly the money. I feel your pain. I just don’t know what candidate you’re talking about. Think back. Why, exactly, did you prefer Obama over Hillary Clinton in the first place? Their

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