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Edge of Tomorrow

edge of tomorrow

Tom Cruise. What is there to say? Tom Cruise has made over 35 films since the early 1980s. Very few actors can deliver a box office draw as consistently as Tom Cruise. Early in his career he dabbled in several genres, but for the last 10-15 years he has specialized in the action thriller. Those moviegoers who are looking for something new and different from Edge of Tomorrow, you’re going to be disappointed. If you’re looking for Mission: Impossible X, then you will be more than satisfied. Tom Cruise has given up playing multiple different characters. He has played the same character for more than a decade. The character seems to work for him so this isn’t a criticism. It’s a fact.  (more…)

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Mission Impossible 4

What do you want in a movie? Do you want to see something new? Do you want to see something exciting? Do you want to see something that’s going to expand your mind? Well, Mission Impossible 4 is exciting. It really isn’t new. It really isn’t going to alter your life either. It is one of the most entertaining Mission Impossibles. If you like Tom Cruise, you will like this movie. He is exactly who he has been for the last three decades. The movie is fast-paced and beautiful to watch. There is witty banter. Cars are fast (the electric BMW is awesome) and crash and flip in really cool ways. I was a little disappointed that the old team was broken up, but Paula Patton more than makes up for it. She is fresh and extremely beautiful. Her character is somewhat inconsistent, but those kind of details are more important in other movies, not in a Tom Cruise special. He and his movies are about look and feel. They aren’t about plot and character development. Jeremy Renner’s character (Brandt) is never fully explained. Simon Pegg’s character (Benji) doesn’t seem to fit in the movie. There are some great special effects and, as usual, Cruise has to defy gravity at some point in the movie. For those looking forward to his stunts, the movie will play with you a little bit by having two other characters do some amazing gravity-devying feats.

I give this movie a solid B. It is worth the price of admission.

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What going on – News Roundup

Tuesday Morning News Roundup

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post much over the last couple of days. Part of the problem has been a persistent bug in my blog. The other part of the problem has to do with being too busy… and mourning the Dallas Cowboys’ last disaster.

  • If I see another commercial for Tom Cruise’s new movie, Valkyrie, I may feel compelled to storm City Hall, asking them to pass a law banning the movie from being shown anywhere within the city limits. I understand the concept of saturating the market but this is ridiculous.
  • The New York Times has another excellent article on our financial crisis. It’s another in a series called The Reckoning. This article outlines how the White House and George W. Bush wanted to increase home ownership at almost any cost. It discusses how White House ignored warnings. One of the most interesting contrasts in this whole story is how Mr. Deregulation, George W. Bush, wanted tougher regulations on Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae but was unwilling to compromise with Congress. This article is worth reading in its entirety.
  • For those of you conspiracy buffs, you’ve probably already read about the death of Michael Connell. I’d never heard of him. Mr. Connell was a top Republican information technology consultant, the IT guy for Karl Rove. Cornell’s company, New Media Communications, did the website for George Bush’s 2004 campaign and also for John McCain’s campaign. He had been subpoenaed to testify in Ohio to talk about some of the shenanigans that went on within the campaigns, but his single engine private plane crashed about three miles shy of the Akron runway. Was he killed because he was going to talk? I’m sure that we will hear a lot more on this story.
  • Do you remember the five Muslims that were going to attack the Army base, Fort Dix? After a 14-month investigation and a trial, all five were found guilty of conspiracy to kill US soldiers. Well, this is a step in the right direction.  Now, can we go after bin Laden?
  • Toyota has announced that it expects to post its first quarterly loss in its 70-year history. Well, I guess it is now official. The economy is really in the tank.
  • Israeli archaeologists have found over 200 gold coins in an early seventh-century collapsed building. Excavation of the site is ongoing.
  • A Continental 737 jet slid off the runway at Denver International Airport on Sunday. The circumstances of the crash are unclear but the NTSB has released a statement saying that neither the wheels nor brakes caused the crash. Although it appears there were injuries, as of now, no one was killed.
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